How to find unlisted Swiggy shares?

Swiggy Share Price NSE, pre ipo shares

Your search to find Swiggy unlisted shares ends here. Swiggy is a top online food delivery company, expanding to logistics shortly. Hence, many searches for unlisted Swiggy shares to buy and profit. Though Swiggy plans to launch its 800 million dollar IPO soon, many want to buy it in the grey market. It is because the valuation of Swiggy was over 10 billion dollars in the recent funding round led by Investco.  A few reputed online platforms offer Swiggy share price NSE to buy and sell without any difficulties.  

So, continue reading this blog until the end to learn how to find unlisted Swiggy share prices on the grey market to buy before the prices go up after the announcement of the IPO date to list in the stock exchanges to make huge profits. 

What are unlisted Swiggy shares?

Well-performing companies like Swiggy, with huge profits in the past results, may not have come with an IPO to list in the exchanges for many reasons. Hence, these shares get traded by reputed online platforms as unlisted ones for investors to buy and sell. Even the world’s largest derivative exchange, the NSE or National Stock Exchange, gets traded as unlisted shares. Zomato, the Swiggy competitor in the online food business, came with an IPO in July 2021 at an offer price of Rs. 76. It is now trading almost double in February 2023 to be around 150, which is a 200% return within two and half years. Hence, with Swiggy coming out with an IPO in mid-2024, many like you want to find Swiggy’s unlisted shares. 

How to find unlisted Swiggy shares?

The food delivery business has flourished in recent years, and Swiggy is one of the Indian online service platforms that started in Bangalore in 2014 to expand to over 100 locations across India. It is now traded under Bundl Technologies Private Limited on renowned online platforms as unlisted shares. It is easy to find unlisted Swiggy shares by keying in Bundl technologies or the popular name of “Swiggy” on search engines like Google. A few online platforms offer such trading opportunities for Swiggy online shares. But you need to choose the best among them that has earned the trust of clients like you to trade unlisted shares like Swiggy. Also, check if the online platform provides historical data apart from other information about Swiggy Share Price NSE, including its upcoming IPO details, to make solid decisions to reduce risk and increase profit-making chances. And also to offer comprehensive research resources to enhance quick and safe decision-making to reap huge profits. Additionally, check if the online platform provides affordable, high-quality services with expert guidance and free or low trading charges. 


The above facts will help you find unlisted Swiggy shares to invest in one of the top online food companies, which will come with an IPO soon to diversify the logistics business and make huge profits in the future.Stockify transforms stock trading with its intuitive platform, empowering newbies and seasoned investors. Providing live market data, personalised watchlists, and user-friendly trading tools, Stockify ensures smooth trading experiences. With its strong security protocols and clear fee structure, investors can trade confidently. Whether you’re a novice testing the waters or an expert seeking advanced features, Stockify easily meets all your pre ipo shares trading requirements.

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