8 Excellent Reasons For the Rising CSK Share Price

CSK share price

Look no further if you want to know the many reasons for the rising CSK share price in recent years. Chennai Super Kings, one of the most popular IPL or Indian Premier League franchises, though playing since 2008, was incorporated as a company in 2014.  As of 2018, it has been trading in the grey market, starting with an unlisted CSK share price of Rs. 15 in 2018.  In 2022, it went to a high of Rs. 277 and is now trading at Rs. 210.  Even at the current CSK stock price, it is 15 times over the initial cost, and there are many reasons for this. 

So, check out the many reasons for the rapid rise of the unlisted CSK share price, and buy it from the top broker to reap huge profits. 

Eight reasons for the rapid rise of unlisted CSK share price

Investing is an art, and Buffet can become the world’s richest person doing it in the right shares, not only those traded in the exchanges.  Many big investors like Buffet and the late Rakesh Jhunjhunwala invested in many unlisted shares, knowing their potential to list significantly on exchanges later to make windfall profits.  If you want to be rich like them and invest in unlisted shares that are now safe and transparent in India through a reputed broker, the current CSK share price is the best choice.  The following are the many reasons for the rapid rise of unlisted CSK share prices and the need to invest in them to get high returns. 

  1. CSK, owned by N.Srinivasan MD of India Cements and former BCCI and  ICC president leadership, is a significant asset not only to having bright prospects but also to increasing chances of IPO sooner than later
  2. CSK, already lifted five cups in the IPL finals and runners up five times from 2008, may become the final winning franchise this year, 2024, as it is in the third position with 14 points as of  May 15 2024.
  3. In the financial year 2023, Chennai Super Kings posted a 65% rise in its PAT or profit after tax of Rs. 52 crores from 31 crores in 2022
  4. Apart from having the home stadium in Chennai whole house, the popularity of CSK is luring audiences to come to the many other stadiums where they play to increase their ticket collection share.
  5. Last year, the thrilling finish that the CSK won against Gujarat Titans had a media viewership of over 32 million to increase the broadcasting rights share to raise revenue and profit.
  6. Yellow jerseys, CSK’s trademark, have become a hot-selling merchandise that yields high revenue for CSK. 
  7. CSK’s unique business model of building stadiums in many parts of Tamil Nadu and conducting TNPL is to increase revenue and create many Dhoni’s for the future.
  8. Buying cricket and other teams worldwide, like in the USA and South Africa, will not only increase revenue in the future but also raise cricket awareness to increase viewership and another stream of income.

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